Updated 24/08/2021 08:30

This page is dedicated to the scheduled upgrade and ongoing maintenance of the club’s tennis courts. For 2021 we will be resurfacing the 4 existing macadam courts, as well as making good, in accordance with our landlords requests, the necessary improvements to some of the current chainlink fencing. Please continue to refer back to this page for regular updates as we progress with this project.


The current scheduled start date is November 23, 2021. At this point we can expect the entire club to be out of action for a minimum of 1 week maximum 2. After the initial work the club will be available on a limited use with up to 4 courts being available for a further 4 weeks before we return to a 6-court club. At this point of completion, the courts will not have been painted so will remain black tarmac with white line markings for the winter.

In early spring the courts will then be painted in our classic green on green colours and an added anti slip coating applied.