Bath Ace Fit Club has a range of different sessions available in order to challenge your body, providing social and fun ways to exercise you. Our most established program is the Bath Cardio Tennis sessions. These sessions are inspired to workout the body, burning along the way to a fitter, happier you! They are fast pace yet very enjoyable, available to all abilities, gender and ages.

To book your place in our available sessions, please visit our Clubspark Bookings Page.

Alongside our Cardio Tennis program delivered by Bath Ace Fit Club, in association with its new community partner Vibe Fitness Bath, the Club has created a dedicated training zone. The reported physical and mental benefits of exercise and training are well documented and as a Community Amateur Sports Club, we are delighted to be able to provide such a facility and service at the doorstep of our community.

Physical conditioning is an essential component of tennis performance and recovery, therefore we encourage you to try it out and take your game to the next level! And for those with little interest in tennis, don’t let that stop you, we welcome everyone who is interested in general fitness and wellness.

To enquire about booking in your personalised 1 to 1 induction with Simon Ridley of Vibe Fitness Bath, please email or call 07753 451922  (