• Something new for the weekend!

    Something new for the weekend!

    Free Taster Event

    17.00- Till we loose the lights on Friday 23rd September.  (Arrive when you can)

    Looking for enthusiastic Volunteers, who are able to hold a rally for 10 or more shots, who can also demonstrate the ability to volley. Fun and Games – Challenging your movement and reactions whilst having a giggle. There will be a few games in mind that are continuous, you can dip in and out at any time. No Problem! It will start with a simple warm up, with ball skills and co-ordination and will quickly progress into fun and games. Also join us for a drink afterwards or if that’s not your thing. Simon will happy to show you around the new fitness zone.

    On & off court fun, delivered by Simon Ridley, contact him on 07753451922 for more information

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