• Bath TC – Winter Readiness!

    Bath TC – Winter Readiness!

    A big thank you to our members, especially to Georgina & Graham who regularly keep the club house and courts looking tidy and crumb free – the dogs were disappointed not to find any! Can we remind all members to follow the court and clubhouse guidance located in the clubhouse and on entry to the courts for safe and fair play during the darker months! As Autumn readies itself for winter please look out for leaves. The hard courts are getting their winter clean in the next 2 weeks, so will be less slippy when wet! We will need volunteers for a big push on removing all the rubbish out from behind the clubhouse next week 15th November – a skip and a van will be arriving to assist! The club house is getting a lower level lick of paint this week when it dries out and then we’re ready for winter! Internally, the coin mechanism has been replaced so we can now trade in new coins for the hot drinks machine to keep us warm too! 🙂
    BTW – 2 years on and with a successful astro turf rejuvenation programme in place there are no more puddles forming on the baselines. So they’re good to go in all weather if you are!