• Tennis & Extreme Weather Caution – August 2022

    Once again, we do hope you are enjoying the fine weather and keeping safe and hydrated? And on that note, we would like to remind you when playing tennis at the club, it’s important to apply sun protection, wear a hat where possible, and take plenty of ‘water breaks’ in these forecasted temperatures.

    Additionally, from 11am Wednesday (today) until 21.00pm Sunday, our newly installed hard courts will be out of action, for most of the time!

    (There will be a few openings during the cooler times of the day and night, so do refer to the court bookings page)

    Our new courts are susceptible to softening in temperatures above 28c. This can result in the paint being scuffed off and more worryingly heavy denting of the even surfaces.

    Where possible, we have moved existing bookings onto the astro-courts, so please do check the booking system before arriving at the club.


    For further questions please feel free to contact us, in the meantime stay safe and well.

    Best wishes – Bath TC Admin


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